My Three Words in 2013

#3wordsI’m not sure where the #3Word phenomenon started, but I first heard about it from Chris Brogan.  Basically, instead of making resolutions for the New Year (which I never do), you pick three words that define your focus for the coming year.  Sort of your theme for the year.  Well this year I decided to get off the sidelines and jump in with three words of my own.  (Which fits right in with my first word;)

My Three words for 2013 are:
Do, Teach, Breathe

DO is my first word, and the one that will carry the most weight for me this year.  It is very easy to get bogged down learning and reading and planning and honing and refining, and … well you get the point. All of that is important and worthy of time, energy and effort. For me though, I pretty much know what I need to do and this year is about doing it.  I plan to execute a few projects that have been milling about in my mind, write a whole lot more, and focus my energy on tasks. Yoda famously said, “Do or do not. There is no try.” For me, this year is all about the DO.

TEACH is my second word.  I can’t express how many good things have happened to me as a result of sharing what I know with others. Whether I’m helping my clients navigate the interwebs, helping people start businesses over at Startup Daddy or just showing a friend a cool thing they didn’t know their iPhone could do, I really enjoy teaching.  This year in addition to writing more on this blog and podcasting more over at Startup Daddy, I plan to start doing some public speaking.  The secret that all teachers, speakers and writers know is that there is no better way to learn than by teaching.

BREATHE is my final word for 2013.  I like this word for both the literal and figurative meanings. Honestly, I spend way too much time stressed out.  I sweat the small stuff.  While this serves me very well professionally, it’s definitely something I’d like to change. I can (and will) be able to maintain high standards without as much stress.  It is so helpful to just stop and take a deep breath now and then.  I’ll be doing that more.  I’m not delusional- I’m a capital TYPE A kind of guy.  Nothing is going to change that.  I’m just going to try to channel that energy in a positive direction.  So more counting to three for me.  I’m also going to be literally paying more attention to breath. I’ve recently started practicing Yoga, and this is the year that I stop planning to start meditating, and start sitting down to do it.

So those are my three words- Do, Teach, Breathe.  I’ve written them down. They will be in my work space so I can see them every day while I work.  Everything I do will hopefully be framed by that theme.

Have you chosen three words?  Please share them in the comments and if you blogged about it, please share the link.

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11 responses to “My Three Words in 2013”

  1. I can dig it. Teaching definitely is a great way to learn. It also helps a person with being prepared. I love teaching and plan to do a lot more in 2013.

    Have you thought about what you want your message to be when you do public speaking?

    1. Strange Oz, Disqus seems to have eaten my reply to your comment. First. thanks for stopping by! I have given some thought to what I would like to talk about.  I have a fairly solid business background and I see a lot of entrepreneurs striking out without a traditional business education.  I think it would be helpful to bring some of the fundamentals, like the benefits of writing a business plan, and how to do it.  The challenge of course is making that stuff interesting 🙂

      1. Very interesting. You’re right. I don’t know how many wheels I’ve re-invented as a freelancer/business-owner. My degree is in Philosophy, not freelance data-management. Business fundamentals or even some knowledge of what I’ve missed and how to get it … that could be a valuable discussion/message.

        But we’re a bunch of mavericks, too. LOL! We’ve done a lot with no plan. But I bet that a plan at the right time would be beneficial.

        You stir lots of ideas in my head.  🙂

  2. Focusonschool

    faith, family and fabulous 

    1. Good words 🙂

  3. […] cover the 3 Words exercise started by Chris Brogan, where you pick 3 words that will frame your year. If you pick three words, […]

  4. My 3 words of choice for this year would be (God) He’s my planning guide, my blue print and without him I could not have – Faith, which is my second word, which means I will believe as long as I obey God my faith will be built by seeking and following thru with – Action, which is my last word for this year. My actions will dictate whether I am successful or not. If it’s planned for me the only choice I have is to keep the appointment. This is my business plan in short.

    1. Thanks for sharing your words, Sharon. Sounds like a solid foundation to moving your ideas forward.

  5. arjun sharma`

    learn, think, act

  6. Jonathan Lee

    persist, act,positive

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