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  • How To Beat Fear

    How To Beat Fear

    I’m holding a plastic tube that contains an auto-injector of 0.15 mg of epinephrine that I’m about to jab into the leg of my 5 year old.  At the crossroads of action, and letting fear turn into panic, which way will I turn? Which way would you turn? First, let me say right off, that my daughter […]

  • Are You The Same, or Are You Different?

    Spring has finally sprung into hard launch mode here in Toronto .  No more threats of a late snow (I think), the leaves on the trees are starting to pop out, lawns are green, flowers are blooming, and I finally got to take the snow tires off the car! While I was giving our lawn […]

  • Why Every Digital Marketing Professional Should Volunteer for A Non-profit

    I’m such a lucky man.  I get to work with people I respect and admire. I get to use what I know to help an organization that does wonderful things; things that make a real impact on people’s lives; a life and death impact on people’s lives.  My ideas are welcome, even asked for, and put into […]

  • My Three Words in 2013

    I’m not sure where the #3Word phenomenon started, but I first heard about it from Chris Brogan.  Basically, instead of making resolutions for the New Year (which I never do), you pick three words that define your focus for the coming year.  Sort of your theme for the year.  Well this year I decided to […]