• How To Beat Fear

    How To Beat Fear

    I’m holding a plastic tube that contains an auto-injector of 0.15 mg of epinephrine that I’m about to jab into the leg of my 5 year old.  At the crossroads of action, and letting fear turn into panic, which way will I turn? Which way would you turn? First, let me say right off, that my daughter […]

  • Are You The Same, or Are You Different?

    Spring has finally sprung into hard launch mode here in Toronto .  No more threats of a late snow (I think), the leaves on the trees are starting to pop out, lawns are green, flowers are blooming, and I finally got to take the snow tires off the car! While I was giving our lawn […]

  • Is the Middle of the Pack So Bad?

    Is the Middle of the Pack So Bad?

    Today was Masters Sunday if you like golf (or you’re a general sports fan). If not, it was just Sunday. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be about sports. Well not much. Just a quick sports metaphor, and I’m out- OK?  Stay with me. For the non-golfers, the Masters is one of the four biggest […]

  • Why Every Digital Marketing Professional Should Volunteer for A Non-profit

    I’m such a lucky man.  I get to work with people I respect and admire. I get to use what I know to help an organization that does wonderful things; things that make a real impact on people’s lives; a life and death impact on people’s lives.  My ideas are welcome, even asked for, and put into […]

  • My Takeaways from New Media Expo 2013

    My Takeaways from New Media Expo 2013

    This week I attended the New Media Expo conference in Las Vegas.  Talking with folks online is wonderful, but nothing will ever replace the energy and serendipity of meeting people face to face.  That is why I attended the New Media Expo this year. It’s been a little over a year since I took that […]

  • Ten Tricks To Help You Remember Names

    Ten Tricks To Help You Remember Names

    Do you find it difficult remembering names? I sure do.  It’s very frustrating. I’ll meet someone new, and the first thing we do is tell each other our names.  Then we talk for a few moments and the name is gone. I’m left standing with this person, who I may have actually connected with and […]

  • My Three Words in 2013

    I’m not sure where the #3Word phenomenon started, but I first heard about it from Chris Brogan.  Basically, instead of making resolutions for the New Year (which I never do), you pick three words that define your focus for the coming year.  Sort of your theme for the year.  Well this year I decided to […]

  • Are Social Media Consultants the New Buggy Whip Makers?

    I work in an interesting field.  I’m a digital marketing consultant.  I advise companies and entrepreneurs how to use the internet and digital media to help them market their businesses.  I’m a consultant.  It’s funny how many people are afraid to call themselves that.  The reason is that so many consultants either suck, and or have the goal […]

  • The Things I learned At Mesh Marketing That Can Make You Money

    The Things I learned At Mesh Marketing That Can Make You Money

    Proving that the sole purpose of this blog is SEO and link bait, I give you my Mesh Marketing wrap-up post a full 5 days after the event, and post it on a Sunday afternoon. I really use this blog as a place to hash out new ideas and experiment with tools and plugins, so […]

  • Announcing My New Business: Real Digital

    Announcing My New Business: Real Digital

    I’ve always liked to do things differently.  I try to find ways to make things more efficient in order to solve problems, and I am fascinated by the way the internet can level the playing field so the small business can compete with the biggest companies in their industry.  And so… Introducing Real Digital,  a […]

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